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“You homeschool ALL those children?”  I hear it all the time.  “You must have the patience of a saint!”  Sadly, no, I do not.  But I do have a Savior who gladly renews my depleted supply throughout the day!
As a homeschooling mother to 7 children my life sometimes closely resembles a vacuum cleaner with a torn bag.  I go along sweeping up messes only to find the dust billowing out behind me.  The job is never done.  Even when I go to bed at night, I am simply putting off till tomorrow what I can’t fit into today.  You know, pretty much like anybody else!
I have had too amazing an experience with our small Christian school to jump with abandon on the homeschooling bandwagon.  But I will tell you some things that I am loving about it this year!
Child and dog
  • Character training is at the core of our school days.  And it simplifies and relaxes the situation to have them close by.   It is important that they are well-educated but it’s vital that they are properly discipled.  I love all this extended opportunity to work with them!
  • Being well socialized has never been an issue for my kids.  The ability to get along with each other has.  Learning to be long-suffering and forgiving with siblings is an on-going lesson that can’t be determined by grade.
  • Learning the unique way each child learns has been very revealing.  It has given me a deeper understanding of what lies beneath.
  • While their schoolwork is still graded, they aren’t motivated by outscoring other students.  Now they are learning the satisfaction that comes from simply putting in the effort and making progress in their own personal journey.  Less pressure from outside sources seems to offer the freedom to simply learn!

Yes, homeschooling five kids while managing infant twins is a balancing act that requires energy and patience.  But at the heart of the matter is my love for these little {and not-so-little}people making it well worth the effort.  Being at the forefront in their lives, helping them along the path to Christ, is an indescribable blessing.  Even if some days that blessing is masked behind chaos!