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Do you ever have a stirring in your heart to do something, yet feel frozen, unable to put action behind the desire God has given you?  This happens to me all the time.  Sadly, I often fail to act until the idea has grown cold.


I refuse to let that happen this time.  I feel an intense pull to get involved in outreach.  I want my family to experience the immense blessing that comes with emptying ourselves of self and letting God fill us entirely.  I want to know what it is to truly be the hands and feet of the Lord.  I want to bask in the peace that comes from knowing I am filling our extra hours with something that makes an eternal difference!

My heart was totally captured by Katie’s story.  A young girl with a heart surrendered to service.  Lives are being changed daily because one girl allowed her heart to be God’s alone.  There is nothing remarkable about her, save the fact that she chose not to ignore the stirring in her soul.  There is nothing that makes her more able than others to accomplish a work with an unimaginable reach.  She simply didn’t look at what she couldn’t do, but focused on what she could.  And slowly, over time and with God’s blessing, her ministry grew beyond anything she could have imagined.

My story will be different.  I have a husband {who is 100% on board} and seven children and I can’t just pack some bags and head off to a foreign land.  Not just now, anyway!  But I can make a difference right where I am.  I can get my children involved!  We can enrich our homeschool days and quiet evening hours by entrenching ourselves in God’s unfinished work.

But I want to invite you to get involved.  Not guilt or coerce you, but encourage you to look deep within and ask yourself, “What can I do?  How can my family make an impact for Christ?”  I want to challenge you to threaten the grip the adversary has on this dark world, and stand up for a movement that not only nourishes the physical body, but feeds souls.

My goal is not to call everyone to one focus, but to offer a starting point for the call of your own heart!

I’d like to introduce you to Surrendered Hands.  The mission is to let God start a revolution using YOU.  It can be simple outreach right in your own neighborhood, meeting the needs that lie nearest.  Or it can go beyond that which is within physical reach.  Go ahead and pray about it, talk with your family and choose a cause to begin with.  If you are a blogger, blog about it.  Post, tweet, pin it…light a fire under those around you!  It starts with you, but don’t let it stop there!

You can grab my button and add your own code that links to YOUR posts.  There is no need to reference me or my blog…just be the spark that ignites your corner of the world!

Interested?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments or by emailing me at [email protected].