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This is day four of the 5 Days of Mothering and Homemaking series!  Today we’re going to talk about getting your bedrooms and bathrooms decluttered and organized!  I’m a little late getting this post up and shamefully hadn’t finished it before today.  The morning greeted me with two sick babies and a little girl with a painfully blistered burn on her hand.  Yep, it’s been one of those days! 🙂

The Bedroom

Bed settingA bedroom should match the personality of the person(s) who sleeps there.  My room is void of most extras and is decorated very simply.  Both my husband and I prefer it that way.  My girls’ room, however, boasts dolls and stuffed friends in baskets with a favorite on each bed.  My kids don’t have a lot of toys.  The girls have dolls, a few stuffed animals, a tea set, and a couple of doll accessories.  My boys have legos and a few favorite items from when they were small.  The twins have one small wooden box that we rotate a limited supply of small toys through, while the others are kept in a cupboard in their room.  They also have two bigger trucks they love to push around.  Other than that, their rooms stay clutter-free making clean up a snap.  I’ll share a few ideas to get your bedrooms organized…

  •  Utilize the space under your bed.  Use containers or baskets sized to slide right under and arrange items to be stored in them.  Extra blankets, out of season clothes, or photo albums are a few things that come to mind.  You can also get risers for your bed to create a little more height to work with under there, and it adds a fun touch to your bedding.
  • Store spare sheet sets under your mattress. This is not a new idea, but it’s one I think is often overlooked.  We don’t have much closet space and we don’t have a linen closet for such items.  Neatly fold your sheets and tuck them between the mattress and box spring.
  • Find a central location for your shoes.  Get them up off the floor and out from under the bed.  You can do a lot with scrap wood if you can get your hands on some.  In my opinion, building (or purchasing) a rack with cubicles for individual pairs of shoes works much better than the over-the-door version.
  • Put some extra shelves up in your closet to store miscellaneuos items like ball caps, cameras, suitcases, etc.  For around $20 my husband recently built us some extra shelving with a sturdy rod for hanging clothes.
  • Use shoe boxes in your drawers to separate items like socks, slips and undergarments.  They won’t cost you anything and they work well to keep things from sliding around.
  • Make your bed!  It is amazing how much better a room looks just by making the bed.

The Bathroom

Bath towels

Our bathrooms are small.  If I don’t intentionally keep them from becoming a cluttered mess, I can very quickly find them a mess.  Here are a few things I do to keep them neat and orderly.

  • Get creative.  If your linen closet is small or you simply don’t have one, use a large basket to hold towels.  Or if floor space is hard to come by, place hooks on the wall.  And consider cutting back on your supply of towels.  Most people have more than they really need.
  • Utilize drawer space.  Let’s face it…women tend to take over the bathroom.  Between cosmetics, facial cleansers and moisturizers, and hair supplies we can end up spread out everywhere.  Expandable cosmetic organizers can be found fairly inexpensively and will do wonders to keep your stuff in order.  Small plastic baskets work great to hold combs and brushes, giving them a place to call home.
  • Gather hair supplies in a plastic tote with a handle.  Hair spritz, hair dryers, curling irons, and even brushes and combs can be brought together in one place.  This way you can easily slide the whole thing in and out as needed.
  • Use jars.  They are perfect for storing cotton balls, q-tips and hair pretties for little girls.  This keeps those odd shaped boxes and bags from toppling over in the cupboard.  And the jars can be stored behind doors or left out on the counter, depending on space.

Sometimes we forget that organization can go beyond the four walls of our home, so tomorrow we’ll take a quick tour of my yard and van.  I’ll also provide you with the details for a homemaking giveaway that I had planned to post today, but time hasn’t been cooperating!  And feel free to offer any tips of your own you have!

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