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It’s day three of the 5 Days of Mothering and Homemaking series!  I truly hope you have been blessed by what has been offered by all the wonderful bloggers participating.  Here, we have been talking about getting {and staying!} organized.  If you missed either of the last two days, feel free to catch up with the posts Getting Started and The Kitchen.  Today I want to cover the Family Room.

A Family Room is where everybody comes together to relax and unwind.  That is much easier to do when the room has a “restful” appeal to it.  Keep clutter to a minimum using the less is more approach.  You want the space to provide a haven for you family and in order to make that happen you need to fit in it.  Here are a few rules I follow:

  • Keep the floors clear.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of piling stuff in corners when your surface space has been used up.  But a clean, uncluttered floor goes far to lend a pleasant touch to any room.
  • Keep bookshelves in good order.  A messy, disheveled bookshelves wears a room out.  It makes it look tired and grumpy.  I don’t order my books in alphabetical order or anything like that, but I do keep them lined up in some sort of order….usually by size.
  • Keep decor from overwhelming the room.  I’ll be the first to tell you that I am no interior decorator.  I admit to taking a rather spartan approach to room decor.  I simply don’t like to spend a lot of time dusting trinkets and whatnots.  I love to visit homes where that gift is present, but since I don’t have it, I keep things simple.
  • Keep papers, clothing, shoes and coats elsewhere.  As you work your way through the house, be sure you are finding places for items to call home.  And hold your family accountable for keeping them there when not in use.  Once established, the habit of placing things where they belong is just as easy {and far more pleasing} as dropping it in the living room.
  • Keep it looking like you recently moved in.  You know how when you first get unpacked and set up things usually look fairly clutter-free and fresh.  Aim to keep it that way.  Allowing items to accumulate and overtake the space makes the room look old.   Only keep things in there that you regularly use in that room.

In our home, we have both a Family Room and a loft.  Our Family Room is right off the kitchen and is where we typically have worship.  Naturally, this is a good spot to keep our Bibles when we aren’t using them and we store a collection of Bible storybooks on our shelves.  The main computer is in this room and it is also where we keep the laptops that belong to our teens for schooling.  We don’t allow them to take computers to their room, so these are often found on the floor beside the couches {breaking my own rule!}.  In the last picture of the first collage, you’ll see the small basket of toys beside the couch.  We don’t keep many toys in this room, but I assure you my little wild men aren’t ever bored!!

 Family Room

Living Room Collage

Living Room Collage 2

The loft has served many purposes over the years: bedroom to the boys, bedroom to the girls, school room, and now a living area.  I loved the concept behind using it as a school room, but in the end we decided that it kept me too inaccessible to the kids while I was preparing meals or tending to babies.  We still use it to store our homeschool supplies, but school is once again done around the table. I keep crafting/sewing supplies in the loft and it also is where the girls practice piano.  My husband keeps his iMac here and we keep our bills and ledgers beside it.

The Loft

Loft Collage

You don’t need a fancy house or fine furnishings to create an atmosphere that draws people.  Simply keep things tidy and orderly, leaving plenty of room for memories to be made within your walls.  And don’t get discouraged if your family doesn’t immediately jump on board with your grand plan!  My children were not born with the natural propensity to clean up after themselves {well, except for my oldest!}.  It has been carefully cultivated and they have ever so slowly come to prefer things tidy.  Keep it up, Mama!  Don’t let discouragement get a foothold!!

Come back tomorrow and we’ll cover Bed and Bath.  You’ll also have the opportunity to get entered for a pretty terrific Organizational Giveaway!!

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