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On Thursday I mentioned that my twins were sick.  Well, took a scary turn for the worse yesterday and my time was fully occupied caring for him.  So I apologize for this late {and brief} post closing out the 5 Days of Mothering and Homemaking series.  I’m just going to throw a few quick ideas for keeping the yard and vehicle organized.


  • Evaluate and Eliminate.  Toss junk toys and other items that serve no purpose but to create clutter.
  • Give bikes a parking spot.  Survey your yard {or garage} and determine the best place for bicycles to be placed when at rest.  And then train your kids to put them there every single time.
  • Keep your lawn manicured.  Mowing is a no-brainer, but weed-eating is sometimes skipped over.  However, a trim around the edges makes a huge difference in the clean appearance of a yard.
  • Keep a trash can handy.  We keep two big trash cans right inside our garage.  Anytime we find paper or other waste lying around the yard, it’s easy to toss it.
  • Build a fire pit.  This will not only create opportunity for family time (who doesn’t enjoy sitting around a campfire), it also gives you a spot to throw all those little items that nature tends to toss into our yards.  Sticks, branches and leaves can be burned at the same time as you are enjoying some family fun!


  • What goes in, must come out!  If your kids haul stuff along for the ride, make it a rule that they promptly grab the items upon exiting the vehicle when you arrive home.
  • Keep a waste basket accessible.  You can purchase a small basket for just a few dollars, and having one in the car/van goes a long way to keep the ground and seats litter free.
  • Have a vehicle cleaning day.  Each Friday my boys vacuum our van.  We have a 12 passenger but it still takes them less than 10 minutes.  This is also the perfect time to remove any stray items that have wiggled under the seats.
  • Keep a tote or basket for quick clean-up.  If you have all small children you might find it helpful to keep something in the vehicle with which to grab up all the items that got left behind after a trip.  This way you can quickly toss everything in the tote and take it all in the house where it is nicely contained until you can tend to it.
  • Don’t eat in the car.  This is not something that we follow all the time.  Let’s face it…when you are traveling sometimes it is just easier to eat on the go, rather than taking everybody out.  But when we do eat in our van, all trash is immediately collected and the children are reminded to eat carefully to cut down on messes and crumbs.
Thanks so much for joining me (and all the others!!) for this series.  I hope you were able to glean some ideas that will help you as you strive to gain and/or maintain order!
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I am offering one reader the eBook 31 Days to Clean:  Having a Martha House the Mary Way by Sarah Mae.  Just leave a comment with your very best and most powerful cleaning/organizing tip to get entered!  Don’t forget to drop your email in the comments, as well.  If you prefer not to have that posted here, feel free to email it to me at [email protected]  I’ll notify the winner on Friday.  Blessings!
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