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We all have unique gifts and special talents imparted to us from the Lord.  But I truly believe they begin to multiply when we are willing to share what He has blessed us with.  And being witness to Jacinda’s blogging journey over at Growing Home is further evidence that He does just that!

Her heart is poured into her readers.  Her posts are full of homemaking helps, tips, recipes and strategies.  But she doesn’t stop there.  It isn’t enough that we just know how to tend to our homes…she wants us also to flourish spiritually and then impart that strength to our families.  Her blog grows daily as people are drawn to her charm and inspiration.

I have been honored to get to know her over the past few months and I couldn’t begin to tell you how her sweet heart has impacted my own blogging experience.  She’s just one of those people who constantly reminds me that I can be more, do better…with my eyes firmly planted on Him!  And her new eBook, How to Grow Your Blog and Manage Your Home, is available at a very low cost to remind you, too!

How To Grow A Blog cover

This isn’t just a book that teaches you how to begin a blog or improve your current one.  It goes beyond that and walks you through doing it all with the blessing of the Lord.  It’s about priorities and keeping them straight.  It’s about Jesus and keeping Him first.  It’s about family and keeping them close.  And then, as a bonus, it’s about making your blog more than you thought it could be.

From utilizing social media to monetizing your blog to scheduling your precious time, everything is in there.  Jacinda wants you to share in the secret of her success.  It includes 9 easy to read chapters that cover the following topics:

  • Should you blog?
  • Good reasons to grow your blog
  • This is my schedule and I’m sticking to it!
  • What NOT to do
  • 11 Ways to better content
  • Layout and Design
  • Dynamic Strategies
  • How to make money blogging
  • Additional Resources
    How To Design A Blog
As if all that isn’t enough, she went and made another eBook available called, How to Design A Blog for Free!  So once you have all the tips for getting started with a well managed blogging schedule and your priorities are firmly in check, she walks you through creating your own unique design without spending a penny!  And it’s so easy!!  Chapters include:
  • First things first
  • Getting Started
  • Header 101
  • Button Image 101
  • Social Media Image 101
  • Photo Tabs 101
  • How to Install Your Header
  • How to Install a Button
  • How to Create a 2-column Row of Ads
  • How to Install a Button with a Grab Box
  • How to Install Social Media Icons
  • How to Install Photo Tabs
  • Miscellaneous Creations
  • Further Resources
Think that’s enough to get you started?  I love it because my brain can relax and simply follow the well-written instructions without the strain of figuring this stuff out on my own.  If we haven’t met in person, let me assure you.. this is a very good thing!
Would you like some more good news?  You have the opportunity to get each of these books absolutely FREE!  Just enter through the Rafflecopter below.  There will be two winners…one will receive a copy of How to Grow Your Blog and Manage Your Home and one will receive How to Design Your Blog for FREE!  Of course, if you want to just get started click either of the above links to grab your copy for just $4.99 a piece…you can have both of these powerful tools for just under $10!!!!