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During my blogging haitus, I conditioned myself not to need the internet.  It’s crazy how strong the pull can get if you let your guard down.  I needed to step away.  I needed to get off Facebook.  I needed to breathe and reacquaint myself with my God and my family.

I’ve learned a few things:
  • I love to write.  I’m not terribly skilled and somehow I just know I use punctuation in all the wrong places, and fail to put it in the right ones.  But my heart is full of words just begging for release.  I’ve learned that longing is my gift.  My gift to myself…and my hubby!  Writing gives me an outlet so that all the chaos swirling in my head can find order in the written word.  And it gives my Robbie sweet escape from what might otherwise be an overwhelming onslaught of the spoken word!
  • I am a sinner in need of redemption.  I can publish a post on gently training your children and then by noon lose it with one of mine.  Blogging is a precarious business.  It takes gentle balance to offer the world a glimmer of hope without presenting yourself as someone you’re not.  I’m an unfinished project and you are, too.  You don’t have to be perfect for me to learn something from you.  So long as the same stands true for you, I may just have something to share!
  • My story is ugly.  There are times I want to hide from it in shame.  But then He reminds me that He’s got precious people out there who are dying from the need to hear of hope.  I can be one of those voices, if only I’ll let Him use me.  My eBook, A Broken Surrender, should be available soon and is a closer look at my own life and the way the Lord has truly brought beauty from the ashes!
  • I’ve made some really awesome friends blogging.  God has placed wonderful people in my path that are a consistent source of encouragement and inspiration.  I am so grateful to be “surrounded” by ladies who keep me on the narrow path even when I can’t leave my home.  I truly missed this community!
  • Social media can be a tool if you’re careful not to let it be a trap.  Taking a break gave me perspective.  Just because you haven’t learned to properly regulate something doesn’t mean that it’s inherently bad.  I simply needed to yank myself out of the pit I’d jumped into and relearn to manage my time.  I’m back on Facebook at a new page.  Heeding the voice of God {and my husband} will prevent me from falling prey again.
I have some plans for this “new” blog, but rather than share all that right now, I’m going to sit back and see what the Lord has planned.  His way is guaranteed to be better than mine!