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Family holiday in the beach

I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve.  When I’m upset, I cry.  When I’m angry, I cry.  When I’m happy, I laugh (and sometimes cry).  When I’m quiet, it usually just means I’m confused.

As I look back over the year that’s marching out, I run the full gamut of emotions.  So many things jump out at me, both good and not so good, and I thought I’d share a few…

  • In the midst of health struggles early in the year, I dragged my exhausted self to the bathroom for a shower.  Stepping into the hot spray, I was prepared to let the water work it’s magic.  Only something didn’t feel right.  I looked down to realize I was still fully clothed!  I cried.  But I laughed later.
  • Those months of weakened health opened my eyes to the fact that I couldn’t do it all.  Homeschooling five kids while tending to twins and working 25 hours a week–outside the home WITH the kids–just wasn’t working.  Something had to give, cause I had nothing left.  The Lord laid it on my husband’s heart to bring me back home.  I’m choosing to look at that illness as a means to an end…a very happy one!
  • I asked my daughter to bring me the cord for the laptop since the battery was about to die.  True to character, she hopped right into action to carry out my request.  But rather than unplugging it from the outlet where it had been left, she stretched it out as far as it would go and then told me–in her most serious voice–that it wouldn’t reach.  I laughed.  And it still makes me giggle as I picture her standing there, sorry the cord wasn’t long enough to span multiple rooms.
  • I learned quickly that having twins was not like having two children close in age.  These guys are connected in a way the others {all born within 6 years} never were.  When one cries, the other is stressed.  There is nothing more important in that moment than making it better…even if that means giving up a favorite truck!  When one laughs, the other joins in even if he has no idea why.  Fake baby laughs are almost as adorable as the ones that come from somewhere deep within.
  • When one daughter was found sleeping on top of her covers in her coat, she naturally was questioned as to why. But her response breathed new life into the word lazy when she answered, “Because it will be easier to make my bed in the morning if I sleep in my coat rather than under my covers.”.  If I remember correctly, I was pretty quiet after that one.  Honestly, I still don’t know what I should have said but I let her sleep in the silly coat.
  • The beach.  Everything about that amazing week is alive and well in the chronicles of my memory.
  • Getting healthy enough to be active again.  Shedding the weight and toning up did wonders for my energy level, as well as my attitude.
  • Runs with my oldest son.  We have talked about pretty much everything while running.  I know way more about football than I ever cared to, but I realized how quickly those walls come down when I show interest in what interests him.  And that boy kept me running when I wanted to fall on my face into the couch!
  • Seeing my third-born son with his baby brothers.  He’s the child that’s a little tougher to reach and the one at the center of most disagreements among siblings.  But this guy has fallen 100% in love with two tiny boys who could’ve been seen as just another threat to his world.  Instead, his propensity for love has grown along with his character.
  • Watching my endlessly imaginative child embrace his artistic side has been so much fun!  He’s really taken ownership of his natural gifts and is choosing to let God grow them.  I love that so many of his drawings/paintings carry a deeper message and that he is able to capture the essence of what is in his heart and get it on paper.
  • The many, many times my husband has walked through the door with flowers, chocolate or some other gift just because.  I’m never totally surprised because he does it so often, but it does always make me feel totally loved!
  • And while this video certainly does not represent one of my favorite moments from the past year, it does crack me up to hear the hysterical giggle of a baby.  This little clip, while gross, makes me laugh every time!  And no, I wasn’t the one who recorded it.  And if I wasn’t such a weakling, with the habit of laughing when I should be stern, grave punishments would have been meted out to the big brothers who let it happen.

Wishing you an amazing start to the New Year with an amazing God leading the way!!