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Modesty is a topic that evokes all sorts of emotions.  And it’s one in which opinions vary drastically from person to person and conversations get heated quickly.  But why all the fuss?  Probably because one person’s perception of “modesty” is seen by another as legalistic and unreasonable.  And vice versa, of course.

Every time we wait in the checkout at the grocery store we’re surrounded by tabloid images of “beauty” that are warped and misguided.  Painted, enhanced and naked are three fashion divas of the day.  Less-is-more and more-is-less have managed to merge and form a caustic potion that greets us at the clothing rack.

Here are 5 clothing items that inch us dangerously close to that unseemly trend…

  • Fitted clothing.  This goes without saying, but can’t not be said.  And yes, I’ve still got some tucked away in my closet.  I’m not posting on this topic because I have it all figured out, but rather because I don’t.  There is a line between well-fitting and fitted and it’s very easy to cross it.
  • Loose or plunging necklines.  Um, yeah.  Bend over and you have nothing left to hide. I’ve been that girl trying to wrangle little ones while my top engages in a game of peek-a-boo.  A carefully matched layering shell can totally remedy the issue.
  • Jeans with elaborate threading on the rear pockets.  Seriously lady, you’re going there?  Don’t you have a pair?  Why yes, now that you ask, I do.  And I purchased them because they made my backside look “nice”.  {Nice being relative here!}  But they also pull the eye straight to the derrierre.  I do still wear jeans but I nearly always {and more so all the time} pair them with a tunic or long top that covers the rear view.
  • Skirts with long slits.  Anybody who has worn an A-line jean skirt without that kick-slit knows how difficult it is to walk with a normal stride.  A few months ago, I acquired a second-hand jean skirt and threw it on just before running out the door.  It fit and I never even glanced in the mirror.  I then spent the next few hours at a church function with a slit more than halfway up the back of my bare legs.  I now choose fuller skirts, though well fitting, that allow free movement without the dreadful slit.
  • Push-up bras.  I know this is an underclothing choice, but I’m ducking from the punches already.  I totally get the whole concept of having to defy gravity.  I’ve had 7 kids and nursed them all for various lengths of time.  I get it!  And I’m all for a bra that supports and shapes that which life has left, well um, mis-shapened…but not so much for one that advertises goods I don’t have.  In my opinion, most push-up bras are just a non-surgical means to an increased cup-sized end.  And I can’t see any other reason for that than to draw attention to my chest, which is not something that seems wise to me.

I could keep going, but I decided to keep it to the 5 that really stick out in my mind.  I’ve gone full circle from a jeans-with-tight-top-teen to an all-skirts-and-loose-tops-mom back to a mom-wanting-to-ditch-the-frump to where I am now…at a place where I’m beginning to measure each piece of clothing against the Biblical standards I believe should guide me.

I realize more and more the impact clothing choices, especially of the young ladies around us, have on my own sons.  Yeah, that really brings it home for me.  It’s a man’s (or boy’s) responsibility to guard his eyes and heart, but we ladies can certainly help.  Not to mention, I have two daughters who are taking it all in and making unconscious decisions of how they will dress when given the freedom to choose for themselves.  I’m the model of modesty or immodesty they look up to, for better or for worse.

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What are your favorite clothing choices?  And what are some that you avoid?