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I sat down hard and cried.  Not because the circumstances were so awful but because they were just so persistent and “in your face”.  And they’d brought out the very worst in me.  The whining, fretting, complaining, righteous indignation were eating away at my days and stealing my joy.  I’d had enough.

No more snapping at my kids because I was worked into a frenzy over a situation I couldn’t control.

No more sitting in a messy house because frustration had abducted my precious helpers, Energy and Motivation.

No more draining my husband by subjecting him to yet another helping of my view of the “injustice”.

No more sleepless nights worrying over whether things would work out to my liking.

No more slap-shod meals because I’d whiled away the time preparing a “plan” rather than nourishment for my family.

No more dominating my quiet time with the Lord.  Less talking and a whole lot more listening!

No more!  No more!  No more!

Each day is a gift not to be wasted by wishing it had been wrapped in different packaging.  I’m cheerfully and gratefully unwrapping today and will praise Him no matter what I find inside.  Because even if it seems all wrong right now…wrong size, wrong color, wrong style, wrong season…one day I’ll see that it was exactly right!!