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Finding yourself.  I’m going to be honest…this is a concept that completely drives me nuts!  What on earth is it even supposed to mean?  We daily make choices that determine who we become.  Yes, circumstances we can’t control often sneak in and steer us toward unpleasant waters, but how we respond to those circumstances is still our decision.  Very few of us learn early in life to get out of the drivers seat, so we really have nobody to blame except ourselves.  But all of the sudden we hit some invisible {imaginary} wall.  Our world goes dim and we decide we’re lost.  And then we decide we have to go seeking our lost self.

The problem is this…life doesn’t stop while we try to undo decisions from the past.  It doesn’t sit on pause as we grasp for another shot at our youth.  The people that love and care for us don’t have their hearts frozen for awhile as we run around looking for the shadows of what could have been.  It’s ridiculous, really!

“Let no man seek his own, but every man another’s good.”
1 Corinthians 10:24 KJV

A friend that I have known for almost 25 years called me yesterday in complete and utter desolation.  Her world shattered when her husband of nearly a decade and a half decided that he’d never really had a chance to find himself.  So in the interest of no longer wandering the earth as a lost man, he left his family in hot pursuit of something, that in reality, he can’t escape.  He is himself.  Grab a mirror, old friend…there you are.  Don’t like what you see?  Yeah, I don’t a lot of times either.  But that doesn’t give us a free pass to turn tail and abandon our families.  Sorry.

We live in a world filled with the unthinkable.  Children laying loveless in a dirty crib with barely anything to keep them alive.  And people who don’t want them because they aren’t pretty and clean and cuddly.  Those children are lost.  Go find them.

Teens, without anyone to care, hit the streets and seek family within the walls of gang life.  They don’t find what they’re looking for and often end up dead.  But the bullet or knife that stops their breathing is not what really kills them.  It’s the heart broken from being left behind.  Forgotten.  Those kids are lost.  Seek them out.

Young mothers struggle everyday to provide the next morsel for the child they loved too much to abort.  Kicked out and cast off they face the harsh reality of a cruel world where pretty much everything seems hinged on the thickness of your wallet.  People pass them by.  They’re marked, it seems, like Cain.  Wearing that scarlet letter boldly on the child astride their hip, they sojourn.  Lost.  Alone.  Who will find them?

These realities are uncomfortable.  We’d rather not think about them too awful much, because it is so much more pleasant to think on things that bring peace and beauty to our homes and lives.  But we are called and commanded to look after “the least of these”.

>“Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”
James 1:27 KJV

My goal is not to be negative.  There is much beauty, by the grace of God, in this old world.  It comes in the form of a perfect flower, or a vast green mountainside, or a gorgeous sunset.  But the most breathtakingly beautiful reminders are the people who immerse themselves in God’s will.  They feed the hungry, befriend the friendless, and love the unlovable.  But there aren’t only a few select that are called to this purpose.  Every single believer is to put on the cloak of mercy and go out in this dark world to spread the love that sin has tried to shut down.

Seek His will.  Seek His people.  Seek His next assignment for you.  But please don’t waste your time “seeking” yourself.  He knows right where you are and exactly what you need to fulfill His purpose in your life.  Simply surrender!