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Police Handcuffs

Most all of us struggle with addiction in one form or another. Some battle the pull of the bottle or the call of nicotine.  Others are drawn hard to the electronic age this world is drowning in.

And others battle cravings.  To sugar, caffeine, chocolate, FOOD.

My name is Kasey and I am addicted to Coke. (coca-cola, that is.)

There, it’s out.  This has been a life-long addiction for me and it’s perfectly ridiculous.  I have broken the habit more times than I can possibly count.  Which means I have also backslidden just as many times.

Why?  How is it possible that a fizzy brown liquid in a shiny red can could turn me into a powerless ragdoll?

I can’t explain the science behind addiction, I only know the power it wields over it’s unfortunate victims.  And I know that the answer is not in simply accepting our vices.  It is in conquering them.

This morning.  And then again this afternoon.  And this evening.  Only to conquer them again tomorrow.

Victory isn’t always a one time event.  In this case, it is ongoing. Day in and day out, we must CHOOSE to tap into the super-power God has blessed us with:  the power of the will.  Exert your will for good and He will always meet you where you’re weak.  ALWAYS.

But as soon as you start choosing to ignore the small voice encouraging you to make good choices, help of another kind shows up with guns blazing.  And those guns are pointed straight at you!

Today, identify your addictions, your weaknesses and your harmful cravings.  But more importantly, re-introduce yourself to the blessed gift of Willpower.  Coupled with prayer, it is a force to be reckoned with that will find victory every single time!

What do you struggle with?