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Raise your hand if you would love to do a little non-surgical tweaking to your post-baby body.  You may as well know that my hand is up and waving frantically right now.  I carry the battle scars of 6 full-term pregnancies that resulted in 7 precious babies.  I don’t suppose I have to tell you what carrying twins to 38 weeks, with a combined weight of approximately 13 pounds, did to my stomach.  I wouldn’t trade in a moment of motherhood for an hour in my pre-baby body but I’m not too proud to admit I sometimes wish I could have them simultaneously!  So when Nikki offered me the chance to try out one of her wraps I’m only slightly ashamed to admit just how eagerly I jumped at the opportunity.

Skinny wrap that wrap thing

Picture borrowed from Nikki Wraps You Skinny

She dropped it in the mail immediately and within about two days one of my children brought the package to me.  I opened it, read the directions and then set it aside planning to use it the following day.  The next day came, however, and I didn’t make time for it.  You see, I had grown skeptical in the days since my initial excitement.  No longer was I convinced this was the answer to the slightly deflated look my belly had taken on.  And I think part of me was scared to have the little experiment flop!

Finally, several weeks later, I got serious and collected the necessary tools.  A clean, dry body (I chose mine!), plenty of drinking water, saran wrap, a tight fitting shirt, a camera, and THE wrap.  I locked my bedroom door and got to work.

The process is easy-peasy.  I chose to wrap my stomach, of course.  Placing the wrap across my target area, I then made a trip or two around my mid-section with saran wrap.  Then I put the way-too-tight t-shirt over it to prevent things from shifting.  I put a sweatshirt over my scandalously snug tee, grabbed my bottles of water and headed back out to join my family with the timer set for 45 minutes.

It wasn’t terribly uncomfortable though I must say I don’t love the feel of being wrapped up like yesterday’s leftovers.  Saran wrap is a great kitchen helper but I’m pretty sure that’s where I’d prefer our relationship to end.  The* skinny* wrap itself left me with a tingling sensation, almost like a slight burning that didn’t hurt, but made me feel like something was happening.  I told my husband I thought it was burning away excess in the wrapped area.  He looked pleased.

At the sound of the timer, I eagerly went to take it off.  I peeled back the saran and the wrap and washed off the residue.  And what I found beneath is hard to explain.  It wasn’t that my stomach had magically shrunk significantly or that I suddenly was faced with a perfectly smooth, tight belly.  But it was marked enough improvement that I heard myself say WOW.  Out loud.  And I’m not one to talk to myself!

The best way I can put it is that it looked like a little air had been put back in my stomach without making it puffier.  Wait, that sounds confusing.  Let me try again.

It simply looked like my skin fit better. 

{I took pictures for my own use so that I could see the before and after.  I’m not posting images of my bare belly here but I will say, the proof is in the pudding…or in this case, photos!}

I cannot explain the science behind it.  All I know is that I want another one!  And I want to help you get one, too.  Sweet Nikki has offered one FREE wrap to a reader!  I already have it on hand and it comes complete with instructions…you provide your own Saran wrap. ;)

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