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How on earth did we get here

I’m itching to write something but honestly, I’ve got nothing.  I’m overwhelmed by the oppressive lack of morality in this world and I feel somewhat numb.  Where is my place?  What is my role?

I’m not a hater, an activist or an alarmist.  I don’t rally behind political agenda (from the right or the left) and I don’t pretend to believe the state of our current affairs can be attributed to any one man or administration.  I haven’t boycotted Walmart because of the magazines in their checkout and I’d probably still buy a latte from Starbucks if I didn’t detest coffee, though they claim not to want the business of Christians.

I guess the truth is, I’m confused.  How did we get here?  How did we get to this place where simply buying groceries gets you caught in the political cross-fire?  I just need milk, for goodness sake.  I don’t want to be supporting abortion by buying it or aiding and abetting the swiftly moving current of moral decline when I walk out with a loaf of bread.

I’m disgusted that we’ve traded in Biblical truth for political correctness.  That there are hidden agendas everywhere making me a supporting party simply because I don’t spend hours trying to figure out what business is supporting what uncouth organization.  I’m raising children.  I’ve got a family to tend to and hearts to win for Jesus.  My plate is full yet I feel strangely empty.

Because while I’m not an activist by nature, I am burning inside to bring healing to the masses.  I don’t honestly want to waste my time trying to take out those screaming for tolerance and women’s rights {and who are simultaneously being intolerant and stepping on the rights of everyone who opposes them}.  I’ve got better things to do.

I want to chase down the hearts that are hurting, confused and scared and offer them a glimmer of hope and life.

I want to wrap my arms around those who have never known a mother’s love.

I want to pass along clothing to someone who needs the warmth.

I want to give food to one who has gone much too long with far too little.

I want to smile at someone nobody else notices.

I want to hold the sweet baby that was to be a victim of abortion and whisper words of encouragement to the brave mother who chose life instead.

I want to break bread with sinners and share my Jesus with them.  It’ll be a well-matched meal since I’m a sinner, too.

I want to get my hands dirty as I minister in the fertile soil of this endangered land.  My goal isn’t to eradicate evil but to rescue those in it’s deadly path.  I don’t want to save the world, or end it by purchasing supplies from the wrong store.  I simply want to be the beautiful hands and feet and heart of God, sweating it out in the field with the lost and dying.

But is that enough?  How do I balance the desire to share His love with my abhorrence for the wickedness that abounds?  How do I meet the need without getting swept away by righteous indignation?  How do YOU do it?