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I didn’t post yesterday because I realized it made a whole lot more sense to let you know what we actually got done rather than what we were hoping to.  I’m definitely the mother of one of those families whose best laid plans rarely fall in line with reality.  So here is what we did yesterday to feed our souls and move our bodies…

Bible Reading:  Genesis 7-12

Character Focus:  Proverbs 2 (emphasis on faithfulness)

Memory Verse:  Psalms 1: 1-3 (this will be the same all week)

Fitness:  The 3 oldest boys wanted to go to the Y to use the weights and equipment and play basketball.  So the girls, little boys and I dropped them off and headed to the park.  It has some really neat exercise equipment and the kids had a great time using it…

Twins exercise


Abby exercise


Levi exercise

We decided on getting in 3 miles of walking so we left the equipment behind and started our laps around the park.  We let the little guys walk some but then allowed them to retreat to the stroller after awhile.

Ducks were a good excuse to take a breather…

Kids watching those ducks

We stayed at the park for nearly 2 hours until it was time to go fetch our big boys.  It was a beautiful (hot) day…pay no attention to the little girl who started out in long sleeves and long pants!…and we all arrived back home feeling good about our efforts and time spent together.

Maybe you don’t have a park with cool exercise equipment or a walking path around a pretty setting.  Just figure out what you do have and make good use of it.  Exercise doesn’t have to always even look like exercise…just get your body moving.  And take your kids with you when you can!