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Reasons by which you will quit blogging

In case I’ve never told you, I really kinda like you.  You make me laugh, you’ve made me cry, you’ve given me fantastic ideas and I’ve watched you rally ’round a hurting sister on more than one occasion with such love that I’ve been  paralyzed by the beauty of it.  Even so, there are dangers to blogging and they lurk around every corner.  It is so easy to slip into a life that reeks of un-authenticity.  I simply refuse to mock God in such a way and I will quit blogging {again} if any of the following transpires…


1. If I find I’m living a double life as the online me becomes a fictitious persona I create and hide behind, I. am. out.  My family should easily be able to recognize the me portrayed here.

2.  If I care more about pumping out posts than creating a haven for my family, I have no business blogging.  Period.  This is a non-negotiable issue of priorities and I only have this one chance to keep them in line.

3.  If I speak to you of a Jesus I don’t know and take no time to meet, I am a fraud.  Nobody likes a fraud except for satan.

4.  If I forget I’m not building a following but that my readers and Facebook “fans” are simply following Him through the light He so graciously allows me to shine, I am no good.  Arrogance is like a disease and nobody needs to be following that.

5.  If I tell you how important it is to carefully train your children with consistency and then I consistently neglect mine for the online world, it’s time to throw in the towel.  And I will throw it in!

6.  If I pay more attention to you than I do my own amazing husband, I need to be carefully shaken until I come to my senses.  And then shake me again.  But do not let me anywhere near the blog.

7.  If I forget you while I make this whole thing about me, I’m clearly confused and not to be trusted.

8.  If you’re tempted to think I’m worthy of a pedestal, just ask for an invite to dinner one night.  Better yet, show up unannounced.  That’ll put things straight.


Keep me honest, guys.  I’m a mess in real life but that’s exactly where He wants us.  He’s in the business of creating beauty from messes but we first must realize our true condition.  He can’t work with an imposter or someone so caught up in living a lie that they don’t know up from down.

You are welcome to join me here just so long as you’re willing to be messy together!