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Making Baby Series

When I first received my copy of Making Babies about 9 months ago, I was honestly overwhelmed.  I’ve had seven children and was pretty sure I knew a thing or two about pregnancy, pre and post natal.  Apparently there was a thing or two (times about a thousand) that I didn’t know.

From morning sickness helps to herbal concoctions that strengthen the birthing muscles, this set is stacked with information I’d never even have thought to look up. And there are interviews with 4 specialists (a doctor, midwife, nutritionist and lactation consultant) so be prepared with a note pad and ink pen.

It seems fitting to interject here that Shoshanna is seriously one of the smiley-est (is that even a word?) people I’ve have ever seen.  If the secret to that gorgeous smile was contained within the pages of the book, I was going to find it.  And I think I did…

She believes in maintaining natural health and vigor by nourishing herself with those things God has provided for just that purpose.  The result is the aforementioned health and vigor.  And that incredible smile.

Making Babies is a fresh, organic look at the simplistic beauty of pregnancy and birth. From delectable recipes, superb remedies, must-have tips, birthing exercises, and resources, to relaxing techniques, this is a fun, energetic video and book series. Follow me through my pregnancy and the birth of Penelope Jane Easling.

-Shoshanna Easling

Anyway, the DVDs are filled with Shoshanna’s tutorials.  I’m a watch-and-learn kind of girl, so I loved this part!  Each segment has a lesson or recipe or tip that WILL enhance your pregnancy experience.  And many questions about how to prepare something you saw in the book will likely be answered by watching the videos.

If you’re looking for herbal remedies, prenatal exercise inspiration, birth preparation advice, postnatal weight loss help, nursing support, delicious recipes (both casein and gluten free!) or natural body care…you’ll find all that and more.  You’ll even get the scoop on infant potty training!  Here’s a peek at what is packed inside:

I often tease my kids that my brain is full and I’m no longer able to absorb and process sizeable chunks of info.  But I have to say, this was an incredibly fun way to learn.  I only wish she could have put this together 16 years ago when I was just getting started!

BONUS:  If you love birth stories, you’re in for a treat.  You get an inside peek at Shoshanna’s second birth and it is beautiful!

The best part of all this rambling is that the Bulk Herb Store has graciously offered a set, valued at $110, to one of my readers.  No strings and no hoops.  Sometimes things that seem too good to be true really are true.  This is one of them!

Making babies dvd and book

You can get entered below through the no-fuss ‘copter and you’ll be notified if you’re the winner!  However, if you’re eager to get your hands on a set you can take advantage of an additional offer the Bulk Herb Store has extended…Get 30% off the Making Babies series right now using coupon code “BABYSALE“.  This offer ends 10/31/13.

Photo Credits: Laura Newman Photography