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One of the most common afflictions the just-getting-started blogger experiences is the feeling that nobody is paying attention when they write.  And I can tell you from experience, it’s discouraging when you pour yourself out only to end up feeling like nobody much cares.

I don’t have the corner on the market by any stretch.  I could show you my daily or weekly stats and some of you would want to know more while many others would ask themselves why I’m writing a post with this title in the first place.  It’s all a matter of perspective.

Here’s my best advice…

Blogging tips

1. Write what you know.  And write it well.  Meaning proofread for grammatical mishaps and spelling errors.

2. Don’t post every day.  In most cases (there are exceptions, as with everything) it’ll only hurt your traffic.  People are busy and even if they are subscribed to your blog, they can rarely cyber-visit you on a daily basis.  Too much content leaves some of your best content buried under the filler.

3. Use a conversational tone.  Blogging is generally a rather casual form of writing.  And blog readers are typically in a casual reading frame of mind.  Make them feel like they’re chatting with an old friend and they might even show up with cocoa and donuts next time.

4. Write what you live and live what you write.  Broken down, this simply means to be a live-er first and a writer second.  That way you’ll almost always have something fresh to write about and it won’t reek of fraud.

5. Utilize the link-ups.  It can be slow going at first. But every time your blog gets seen you have planted a little seed.  Keep planting.

6. Use titles that accurately represent the post content.  I love a catchy title but I find people are much more likely to swing by if I stick with those which give a true glimpse of what they’ll find if they visit the post.

7.  Make your blog sticky.  Add relevant older links into your new posts, giving readers an opportunity to visit your previous writings.  Consider it free advertising.

8. Be friendly.  Making friends with other bloggers will enhance your blogging experience exponentially.  Probably isn’t a bad idea to be friendly with your readers, either. ;)

9. Give it to God.  All of it.  Even the parts of it you really, really, really want to control.

Any thoughts?  Questions?  Additional ideas?  I’d love to hear them!