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How many of you have been tempted to quit?  Or maybe you have half quit only to feel that little niggling of guilt because you know He wants you to exert your will toward improving your physical and spiritual health?

It’s okay.  You’re not the only one.  But a month or a year from now you’ll wish you had stuck with it.  Doing is a whole lot better than wishing.  If you have legs to move you, you need to move.  If you have a heart beating within you, you need Jesus.

The end.

Because, in life, it isn’t really about getting in 20 minutes of exercise or only being able to squeak out 15.  It isn’t about missing a day (or 4) because you were stretched so thin, it’s about jumping back in as soon as you can.  No score card, no demerits.  Only giving Him your absolute best every single day.  Even on those days when your best seems pretty crummy.

We chatted last week about some people who were feeling discouraged.  They were bowing out and giving up because they weren’t meeting the requirements.  So here’s what we did:  we offered grace.  Because this isn’t a competition with anybody else.  It’s about being a better you today than you were yesterday.  If you’re still here and giving it your best, even if you’re falling short sometimes, you’re still in.

Keep checking in.  Keep reaching.

The first part of the spiritual challenge this week is to write out James 1:12 every day.

Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.

Because your temptation right now is likely to give up.  To retreat and make excuses.  But blessed is the man that enduredth temptation…he shall receive the crown of life.  Do you want that crown?  Then you have to want it more than you want that extra 30 minutes of sleep.  And you have to choose spending time with Him over your favorite tv show.

The second part of the spiritual challenge is to take that note you made last week about an area of your life you feel God calling you to work on.  Take it out of hiding and place it somewhere you will see it often.  It doesn’t have to be made public but put it in a spot where your eyes will take it in throughout the day.  Every time you see it, or think of it, pray.  Ask Him to help you be aware of ways you can change or improve.  Ask Him to clearly show you opportunities to grow.

Pray, pray and pray again.

Don’t dig in your heels…pray.  Don’t exhaust yourself with the repetition of failure that comes from waking up and declaring you will be more patient (if that’s the area you want to improve on) today.  Pray and ask Him to show you the times when you aren’t and how you can handle them differently.  He isn’t impressed with our superhuman strength.  He is, however, impressed by our weakness when it causes us to cling to His strength.

And by the way, the door is still open if you are looking for a little extra support.  We have a closed Facebook group where we can meet during the week for accountability and encouragement.  ”Closed” means your comments there stay within the group and don’t show anywhere else on FB.  Just click here and ask to join and we’ll get you added.  Note:  The official weekly check-in is still on the blog.

PS.  The weekly prize incentive winner last week, randomly generated from those checked-in, was Heather W.  She has claimed her winnings and will be receiving her skinny wrap this week.  Next up in the prize line-up is a one-month trial membership to Fit2b studio.