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Mother and Children Playing in Field

As tiny buds appear on the trees surrounding our home and lush green leaves fill the branches that once stood bare, I’m assured a new season is upon us.  A season that promises sweet relief from a long, cold winter.

Because seasons change.  Even in mothering.

There was a day when I had 5 children, six and under.  Looking back on it brings memories that nearly stir me to tears.  What am I saying?  Those memories do stir me to tears.  That space of years was exhilarating and exciting and more than a little exhausting.  It was absolutely and totally exhausting.

The training that goes into shaping 5 little souls into respectable slightly older souls is endless.  And it feels thankless much of the time.  There are no accolades for the mother at home.  No awards, no end-of-year bonuses, no promotions.

But then, who needs all that anyway?  Seriously, who needs that when you get to watch the work of His spirit unfold in their little lives?  Keep your money.  Keep your notoriety.  I’ll take Jesus in the hearts of my children.

What happens, though, when your season of motherhood changes?  Just as we swap out cold weather clothing for much lighter choices this time of year, we need to cloak ourselves in the role before us rather than trying to cling to the old one.

And as for me, that role is very different these days.

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