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A good childminder must have the following qualities:

You must like children: it is clear that the main thing is that you are a person who enjoys children.

Multitasking ability: in most cases, you will have to take care of more than one child. While you cook you will have to supervise the duties of the elders, take care of the baby if he cries. The babysitting job is very dynamic, and you need to have a great capacity to handle several things happening at the same time.

Ability to work independently: usually the nanny is the only adult who works with children so you will not have helped to make decisions. You must take them by yourself.

Attentive: You will have to remember all the important details in what refers to the children (what color are the socks that the girls take to dance class, the allergies to the food they may have, day and hours of activities, etc.).

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Flexibility: you need to be flexible as situations can arise unexpectedly with children. If you can change schedules and energy and move from one task to another with ease, then you are prepared to handle any situation that may arise. Because of unexpected things, such as traffic jams and diseases can appear at any time when we talk about caring for children.

Adaptation capacity: You can meet parents who are very different from your ideas about education. Are you ready to live and work in an environment that could be radically different from everything you’ve ever known?

A sense of humor: working with children, it is vital to have a sense of humor that helps you to carry the stressful moments that may arise throughout the workday.

Excellent communication skills: having excellent communication skills is paramount to being successful as a nanny. Not only with the kids, with the parents too, since you will have to explain many details and daily experiences.

Organizational capacity: imagine taking care of three children of different ages. Everyone has different needs, friends, and activities. You will have to coordinate everything, so there is no problem.

Common sense: you have some children in your charge. Many times you will have to make decisions quickly and to please your parents.

Sit down and make a list of the qualities you can offer. Sometimes it is not a curriculum that opens the doors of a nanny job. It’s your skills and what you can contribute to that work.