how we’re teaching our kids to live in fear (and why you should find a better way)

My twins are absolutely terrified of ‘stinky’ bugs.  No exaggeration. I’m sure it has nothing at all to do with those times when they were just learning to crawl and unknowingly picked one of the little lovelies up and popped it in their mouths.  Crunch.  Yum.  <Gag>.

Or there was that time I boiled one in our pot of morning oats.  Oh, that was something we’re not likely to forget anytime soon.

Now you might imagine my little guys seeing a stinky bug and running the other direction.  You would be totally under-imagining this whole thing.


Let me give you a for example.  Yesterday afternoon they were playing a game nobody else understood and it involved shimmying through that narrow space between the couch and the wall.  Giggles ensued and it was a grand time for all.  Or at least for those two. Until the stinky bug came on the scene, that is.

We all knew the exact moment it happened.  In fact, I’m pretty sure the neighbors two blocks away knew the exact moment it happened.  There was shrieking and flailing and stomping and tears and one of them very nearly passed out from holding his breath. I kid you not.

Now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  I’d rather you not tell anyone because it will shatter my reputation.  Either that, or it’ll validate it.  Okay, here goes…

I laughed.

We all laughed.  It was terrible and horrible and heartbreaking and yet every last one of us struggled not to let them see us snicker.  It wasn’t because we didn’t care.  And it wasn’t because we don’t love them beyond reason or that we don’t truly desire their happiness. It was because it was so ridiculous and we all knew it even if they didn’t.

Stinky bugs are gross.  They’re dreadful little monsters who make their home where they’re not wanted.  They make me gag and they provoke my husband into doing the most adorable dance when he thinks one may be crawling on him and can think of nothing but getting it off.  Even so, it’s kind of silly to put all your energy into fearing something that really isn’t out to hurt you.

And yet, isn’t that exactly what most of us do?  Even those of us older than two?

We worry about not having enough money and how we’re going to make more.

We worry about not having a decent car and what we’re going to do if it dies on us.

We worry about what’s going to happen if they outlaw homeschooling.

We worry about our kids making a scene in church and causing people to think less of us.

We worry about not being skinny enough or pretty enough or smart enough.

We worry we’re not doing our Bible study right.

We worry our prayers are eloquent enough.

We worry the food in the pantry won’t last until payday.

We worry the neighbor is annoyed by our kids playing in the yard using their outside voices.

We worry we’ll lose someone we love and be left with that hole.

I could go on and on and never exhaust this list. We fear things that haven’t happened.  Things that likely won’t happen.

Yes, any or all of these things could happen.  But fearing  the could happens only steals our joy from all the is happening moments in life. And how ridiculous is that?

It’s seriously ridiculous and I know first hand because I’m the queen of senseless, wasteful worry and fear.  I taught my little boys to fear with such voracity.  They just took their lesson and applied it to stinky bugs.

But now I hear His voice, gently but firmly, instructing me to give them a new lesson.  One that involves trust and rest and peace and hope.  One that leaves no room for worry because it remembers any pain we experience here in this life, no matter how deep, can not hurt us for long.  We have an eternity stretched out endlessly before us and these beautiful, terrible, amazing and heartbreaking days are only a blip on the radar.

Don’t let stinky bugs steal your joy in the here and now.




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Notes to Self: Fourth Edition


1.  If you keep your house clean every single day of your life but one, you’ll find unannounced guests on your doorstep on that very day.  You’ll try to brush off the state of upheaval that has taken over your home and assure the unannounced guests that you’re normally very clean and tidy.  But when they just look at you with that special look that very clearly says they aren’t buying it, you’ll suddenly remember these same guests appeared on your doorstep on that other day when you failed to clean.  So there you have it…you’ve kept your house reasonably presentable on every single day of your life but two and the same unannounced guests appeared both days.   The problem is not you it is them.


2.  If you hand your toddler a small sack of trash and tell him to go throw it “out” do not expect it to end up in the trash can.  He’ll hear the word out and and it sounds nothing at all like trash can.  Naturally, he’ll pry open the front door and he’ll give that sack a good throw, just as you’ve instructed him to.  Of course, you won’t realize he’s done this until the UPS man knocks on the door and you answer to find him standing in a scattering of debris.  Listen closely:  Do not try to explain.  UPS men are notorious for being in a hurry.  He doesn’t care about your trash so stop bothering him already!


3.  If you think you are home alone and that it’s safe to sing and dance with abandon while you clean the kitchen, you will almost certainly find that someone has sneaked back into the house and is watching.  You’ll be so lost in the moment that at first you won’t notice.  But when you throw your head back and really belt out that high note in your pathetic voice that doesn’t hit high notes, you’ll hear the laughter.  You’ll die a little inside but don’t let them know it.  If things get really dicey you may just have to remind them they inherited your terrifying voice and then you can stand back and watch as the color drains from their face.


4.  Cinnamon and cayenne are not interchangeable in a dessert recipe.  Don’t ask.


5.  Your child may know her multiplication tables inside and out but if a random stranger decides to test out the math skills of your homeschool-er she will suddenly lose all grasp of even the simplest addition problems.  Don’t panic.  According to new educational standards, as long as she can explain her wrong answer she isn’t really wrong.  Whew!


6.  If you beg and plead your teenager to go running with you, even resorting to ribbing him about being too wimpy to lace up his shoes and hit the pavement, you’d better be able to make it more than 100 yards before you twist your knee.  Seriously, this is no joking matter.  He will walk the remainder of the 4 mile route with you but he will not do so without reminding you that you’re getting older and you need to go easy on yourself.


7.  It was okay to talk to yourself when you were a kid.  Nobody thought twice about it.  At this stage in your life, however, that is no longer the case.  If you must do it, whisper.


8.  In this age of extreme social media you can pretty much count on the most unflattering pictures of yourself making the rounds.  Worse still is when someone tags you in them so all the world knows, without a doubt, that it’s you.  Be informed…there is an untag button for a reason.  Use with abandon. :)


9.  Two things there is never enough of in a house where children reside:  Noise and dirt.  Are you now wondering what else I lie about?


10.  Your days may be filled with dishes, laundry, sticky floors and so many questions that your head spins you into bed at night but when your posse of kids scrambles for the spots on and around you during family worship, you’ll remember why you do it in the first place.  And you’ll decide it isn’t so bad, after all!



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Making the Mom Thing Happen

Ask the Wemmicks

Today I’m joining a group of terrific ladies as we each answer the following question in our own thoughts and from our unique life experiences.  You’ll find the links to the other answers at the bottom of the post.


How do I teach each child their lessons AND cook 3 nutritious meals a day AND nurse the baby AND keep everyone in clean clothes AND keep the dust bunnies at bay, all on very little sleep?! Did I mention that right now I’m only teaching 3 out of my 6 and we are focusing just on phonics and math?


First of all, you need to grab that boatload of expectations and give it a good kick.  You are human and ONE human at that.  You cannot be everything to everybody while managing everything everywhere.  Period.


I wasn’t born with a cape on and I doubt you were either.  No problem.  He never intended for us to have superpowers.  He handles what we can’t and only asks that we handle what we can.

The key to managing a day in the crazy-busy life of a mom is to prioritize.

  • What must be done?
  • What would be nice to get done?
  • What will be just fine if it doesn’t get done?

Start with prayer and quiet time.  Get up a little early but make it happen.  You can’t handle the crush of the day in His strength if you haven’t gone out to gather it.

Nursing the baby and feeding the kids must happen but the meals don’t have to be elaborate.  They don’t even always have to be hot.  A mom with all young kids is in survival mode whether we want to admit it or not.  We hang by a thread and hope it doesn’t snap.

What, you thought you were the only one?  Oh friend, you are not and never have been.

The schooling must happen but doesn’t have to be stressful.  In fact, it shouldn’t be.  Don’t try to recreate a classroom experience.  Give them life experience.  Cover the basics and then get your hands dirty.  Work together and play together.  Don’t just read about history…create it.

If you swipe at the dust today it’ll be back tomorrow.  Teach your children to pick up and put away.  Hold them accountable and you’ll find your house suddenly isn’t quite as messy.  I shared in this post how we keep our home tidy but when I had all little ones I was far more involved in every task.  Responsibility precedes honor…they must be given the first before they’ll attain the latter.

The best way to get it all done is to stop focusing on a to-do list.  It’s to realize that sometimes not everything is going to happen as you planned.  Let’s be real, if everything happens as you planned it you should probably get out of bed.  That only happens in a really good dream.

Smile at your children.  Read to them and play with them.  Go for lazy walks and talk about nothing.  Keep school light and stress-free and they’ll learn to love learning.

Walk through life with them rather than just prodding them along.  It’s so much more enjoyable, and much easier to handle, when you don’t strap that heavy burden of unattainable expectations to your back…or theirs!

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How to Love Your Boys Up Proper



I’ve got five boys and not one of them is alike.  Honestly.  They are the strangest creatures I’ve ever met and I find myself confused and conflicted more often than not.  You see, I’m a girl.  A girl that happens to be their mother but that still doesn’t give me much of an edge when dealing with the mystifying behaviors of the toddler, adolescent and teen male species.  Color me clueless and it would be the perfect hue.

In spite of all that, I’m going to offer you a few ideas for showering those amazing boys with all the love they didn’t even know they were craving!


Join me over at Raising Hearty Boys to read the rest of this article…




Back to Homeschool {over $1000} Prize Package Giveaway

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It’s that time of year. New school years are starting for public schools. For those who homeschool, your school might have started a month ago. Or you might not ever stop – you just keep going. :)

It doesn’t matter what point of the school year you are at, new items are always exciting whether it be new curriculum or a new planner or some random thing that helps your day run more smoothly! Of course, there is something better than new things for your homeschool – new things that are completely FREE! To help kick off the unofficial start of the new school year we’re hosting a huge giveaway full of great prizes to benefit someone’s homeschool!

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how to handle bad attitudes, expectations,


hands on help for lesson planning, keeping up with housework, meals, and so much more!


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Homeschooling Day by Day is an outpouring of Godly encouragement that will sustain you on the dry and weary days.”

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