Meet Kasey


Hi, there!  I’m Kasey, the delighted bride to my very own fireman and tickled mama of seven crazy, fun-loving, very lovable kids!  While my husband eagerly awaits the “big one” at the station, I’m content to stay home putting out all the little fires.  With two teens, a tweener, and toddler twins…all BOYS…the girls (both under 10) and I certainly have our hands full.  Our decision to homeschool means more work, but also crazy fun.  I can’t believe I didn’t enjoy this stuff the first time around!!  Okay, wait.  Let’s keep it real here. I still detest fractions, percents, equations and long division.  I still use my fingers {and anybody else’s who’s willing to share!} to add and subtract, but I’ve finally found some respect for World History and Geography.  On a good day, I might even be able to show you all 7 continents!

This might shock you, but I do actually have some free time on occasion.  I fill it up almost as quickly as it presents itself, though.  You’ll find me squirreled away trying to tap out a coherent post for you to pore over {in my dreams, anyway}, or bribing resistant family members to join me on a run, or stressing over a crochet project I can’t ever seem to get right.  I unravel far more stitches than I ever put in!

I’m passionate about finding my passion.  There has to be a greater purpose in life than to merely survive.  I don’t want to just not screw it all up.  I wanna get it right!  And the only way to not be crushed under such aspiring notions is to be plugged in to the right things (God, Scripture, Prayer) and unplugged from anything that stands in the way.  I believe in reaching out even when it’s uncomfortable.  I’m not good at it, but I aim to be.  We best serve Christ when we’re willing to serve others…hands, feet, heart, mind and soul.

So that’s me.  Or at least the parts of me I’m willing to share here!