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With each passing day my stomach grew, as did my love for the little life inside. Not only was I delighted to be carrying the child of my brand new husband, but it also somehow brought healing. A confirmation of His blessing as I ventured forth into my “new world” after a seemingly endless rough patch. Little did I know He’d gone and double blessed me!

Using one of the many wonders of technology, the doctor did a quick scan to rule out ectopic pregnancy or some other complication. I’d been experiencing abdominal pain and was growing at an alarming rate. He quickly found the little sac and everything looked normal. Nothing to explain the odd symptoms I’d been having. Nothing, that is, until he swept the doppler to the side just a bit more and that second sac appeared.

Deep in our hearts I think my husband and I both knew {we later learned that his Mama had a pretty good guess, too} but I remember like yesterday the feeling that passed over me when confirmation appeared on the small screen. I felt weak and just a little overwhelmed. I’d been down this road before, having conceived twins in two previous pregnancies. In both instances, one failed to continue growing while the other marched right on to a healthy delivery. I had never been one that craved twins, but neither did I want to lose a baby that my heart had claimed.

Twin brother holding twin kids.

Robbie (L) and his twin Ronnie, holding our twins!

My husband, a twin himself, had secretly been hoping I was harboring two and just grinned. The girls were beside themselves with joy while the boys were a little more hesitant. It had been 6 years since we had a baby in the house and the thought of more than one at a time took some getting used to.

I used doctors, rather than midwives, so the entire 9 months was very medically monitored. If I could do it again, I’d likely choose a different path, but at the time everything was unknown and a very scary. I never considered doing things a more natural way and actually sometimes panicked that they weren’t doing enough to ensure both babies were fine. It makes me laugh now, but I desperately wanted to hold both my babies at the end and didn’t care what I had to do to make it happen.

The pregnancy was rough. I was put on modified bedrest around 25 weeks and found myself the unhappy recipient of an umbilical hernia. Everything was painful and I can’t say I “considered it all joy”. I’m pretty sure Robbie {my exhausted husband} was certain I’d be pregnant forever! Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

At 38 weeks I went in for another scan. The babies appeared to be good sizes and I could feel that they were both very active. So it was determined that I’d come in the next day to be induced. I live over an hour from the hospital and there was some concern about going into spontaneous labor being so far away. I have a history of going from about 4 to 10 centimeters in minutes and I was already walking around at 2+.

Things went pretty smoothly as they tried inducing labor more naturally than just hooking me up to pitocin. Contractions started and I felt sure that within a few hours my body would be relieved and both arms would be filled. That was not to be.

What started at 7am continued until 10pm with very little change. I was contracting alright, but they were doing almost nothing to open the cervix. Honestly, this wasn’t terribly surprising because I had been experiencing what seemed like labor for over a month, but things just never progressed. The doctor approached us about the possibility of a c-section and we pretty quickly agreed. I still sometimes wonder how differently this all might have played out if I was made of tougher stuff and had patiently endured my misery rather than medically interfering with the course of nature.

Preparing for delivery

I was prepped for surgery and rolled into the cold OR. I remember it being a very surreal feeling, knowing I was literally minutes away from finally seeing those two little boys. It was my first cesarean and I clearly remember wondering if they were ever going to let Robbie in to be with me. They did and then the procedure began. I knew the very minute the doctor made the first incision because I could feel it! I’m still not sure why, but for some reason the epidural didn’t take properly and I wasn’t truly numb.

My head shot up as I called out, “Is it supposed to burn like that?” I don’t remember anybody saying anything, but I do recall the next searing pain shooting through me.

“Hey, that really burns!” I nearly shouted, feeling less controlled and lady-like with each passing second.

Robbie leaned down and whispered that in just a minute I would no longer feel anything and then the lights went out. But in the fog, two little people made their way into the world just before midnight!

The birth of twins

I woke in a darkened recovery room with a strange nurse and no husband or babies. To say I was confused would be the understatement of the century. I didn’t immediately recall the OR experience and when the nurse noticed I was awake and congratulated me, I asked her “for what?”. I didn’t think they had been born yet and was too loopy to notice my once huge abdomen was now only moderately huge! After a few minutes of convincing, Robbie came into the room with one of the babies. The other followed shortly and my world was put to rights again!

Baby Levi                     Baby Quinn

Levi Wyatt (l) 6 lbs 1 oz…and older by 1 minute!                 
Quinn Robert (r) 6 lbs 11 oz

It’s been quite a year. I wasn’t nearly prepared for how different it is to bring home two babies rather than just one. There are some moments that I drink it all in and revel in how precious they are, little heads bent together in play. And then there are others where I stand in disbelief at how much damage they can do in mere minutes. They are adorable and crazy and fussy and smiley…but most of all, they are loved!

Baby Levi and baby Quinn at 1 year old