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The soft glow of the hall light wound it’s way in through the open nursery door.  The first crib revealed a tiny bum poked into the air atop little legs curled up under his sleeping frame.  Grabbing the blanket he’d wiggled out of, I pulled it back over him and ran a hand gently through his soft hair.

Sleeping baby in a crib
Moving on to the next crib, I nearly shattered the silence with my laughter when I saw a chubby face peering at me just over the crib railing.  Two big, browns eyes took in my every move and a huge grin defied the late hour.

Unable to resist his charm, I scooped that plump body into my arms and headed for the rocking chair.  He clung to me, thrilled at this rare chance to have Mama all to himself.  And we rocked.  His small head nestled itself into the warmth of my neck.  I couldn’t have moved if I’d wanted to!  What is it about the innocence of babyhood that is so intoxicating?

His little hand had grabbed a fistful of my shirt while the other clung tightly to his beloved blue dog.  Every so often I’d feel his head lift off my shoulder and see him peek up at me.  Yep, she’s still here!  And she’s all mine!  With a sigh he’d surrender to the weariness and snuggle back in.

We stayed like that for 20 minutes or so, gently rocking.  Finding solace from a frantic world, and reminding each other that it’s truly the little things that make sense of the big stuff.

When I finally took him back to his bed and tucked him in, he was ready.  His eyes stayed locked on mine until I backed away and quietly snapped the door shut behind me.  I flipped off the hall light and headed for my own room and a husband who understood all about stolen moments.  The kind that fill you up with the knowledge that you’re loved, not only by a wide-eyed little boy, but by a great big God!