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Note: The following is an honest review of my experience with Joyfully Sewn Designs. I do not receive a commission for any sales made through this post. I simply want to give you another option if you’re in the market for adorable, durable, beautifully constructed clothing.

Joyfully Sewn Designs

Last Spring I was looking for a place to purchase new clothing for my girls.  I was specifically wanting a dress and a pair of culottes for each of them.  We couldn’t find the culottes in any of the stores we searched and most of the dresses were either too pricey or they just didn’t provide enough coverage.  I had seen a few people post about Joyfully Sewn Designs so I began searching for the website.  I was thrilled when I found it!

  • The selections are adorable
  • The items are designed to provide adequate coverage for busy little girls.
  • The prices are excellent!

I contacted Sarah about placing an order and I was met with professionalism and Christian courtesy.  She was super busy at that point, but she took the time to help me get the proper measurements for my handmade items and answered all my questions regarding the different possibilities.  I was given an excellent variety of fabric to choose from or the option of selecting something on my own.  And once my order was officially submitted, I received periodic emails letting me know the status of progression.  I was not sent an invoice until my order was complete, so in the meantime I rounded-up a few items from my house and sold them on eBay to gather the money in my Paypal account.  When the invoice finally came, I felt like I was getting free stuff!

I can tell you when that package arrived, I had two very eager little girls ready to rip into it.  And what they found inside delighted their little girl hearts!  Two gorgeous white dresses, two pairs of adorable (and functional) culottes, and two pairs of bloomers since my girls have five brothers and tend to play hard!  And as a bonus, Sarah included sweet little hair bows that matched each of the items.

We were beyond thrilled with the purchase and the impeccable quality of her work.  A year later, though my girls have grown and the fit is slightly different, those articles of clothing are still serving us well!

Liile Girl Jumper by Joyfully Sewn Designs

I’ve been browsing through her shop again, trying to settle on a few items to round out my girls’ Spring/Summer wardrobe.  I’m drawn to the cute, twirly skirts and my girls love the fun fabrics featured in the pictures.  I hope to get my order placed today, but I thought I’d show you a few of the selections that caught my eye {you can click on the pictures to be taken to the shop for details and pricing}…

Denim twirl skirt

patchwork twirl skirt

Prairie skirts

There are two ways to shop with Joyfully Sewn Designs…either through her ready-made inventory or by placing a custom order.  Either way you go about it, one thing is for certain–Sarah will ensure you are not only thrilled with her service but also her work!  And as a special bonus, she is offering all of my readers a 10% discount by simply using the code REDEEMED at checkout.