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Setting to know your twins

Wait a sec, let’s start out with a little honesty here.  I actually have more children than I thought I should have, too, so I’m not casting stones.  I’m just throwing back the curtain to expose a few myths that have polluted my childbearing years with guilt and regret.

I began my journey into motherhood 16 years ago this month.  But wait, that’s not true either.  My first child was born 16 years ago and was delivered one day after his due date which means my journey really began 16 years and 9 months ago.  Goodness, where does the time go?

Anyway, my point is I’ve spent more than a decade and a half being drilled on all the reasons why I should stop having children.  Or to be more accurate, I’ve been schooled on all the logic of why I should have stopped several children ago.  It’s good to be enlightened, you know, on the many means of prevention available in this modern-day.  Because any woman worth her salt simply refuses to have more children than is seemly.  Or than can fit nicely into the comfortable lifestyle of choice. And any man with a shred of decency will offer himself up to be surgically altered for the sake of ending the madness.

Unless, of course, you dare to be one of those rebels who believes God still plays a role in the process of conception.  You know, one of the radicals contributing to the overpopulation of the Earth?

Or maybe it’s possible some of them were swept away by the sense of “logic” imposed upon them and tried for all they were worth to keep their family size at a minimum only to have those efforts thwarted.  Because that would be me.

I’ve cried over seeing two pinks lines.  And I’ve done it more than once.  I was a good girl, after all, and swallowed that little pill and went faithfully for that dreadful shot.  Not at the same time, mind you, but neither was effective.  Both landed me with positive pregnancy tests.

And so I’ve lived out my adult life, listening to the jokes and jabs and trying to just laugh right along.  What other choice do I have? Because yes, I know what causes that and yes, I have my hands full andyes, we have other hobbies and no, we’re not trying to get our own TV show.

We humans are so original with our humor, aren’t we?

And then there are those who are genuinely concerned they are paying for our over-sized family.  Because if you have more than 2.4 children you must surely be incapable of supporting them.  The truth is, that isn’t the truth at all.  Allow me to assure you that the Norton Family is not in the finely printed list of deductions from your monthly paycheck.  You won’t see us rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous and you will see that we’re well-loved by family who seem to enjoy filling in many of the little wants that might otherwise go unfilled…but otherwise we take care of our own. {No judgement on those who find themselves in a place where they’re utilizing government programs.  Each situation is unique and I’m only living mine.}

Of course, others are concerned for my health.  And in many ways I understand that.  I’ve had a rough go since the birth of my twins and it’s easy to blame that on too many pregnancies.  But the reality is, the issues I’ve struggled with are common among women who have never conceived at all.  It’s always a bummer when the scapegoat gets away, I know.  And I appreciate the love and concern.  But I’m pretty sure the Lord doesn’t make mistakes.

I don’t have too many children and I won’t even if I were to have more.

So when you see my large white van (ain’t she a beauty?) and the passel of sweet cheeks that emerge from its doors, just know that I’ve got more children than you think I should have because He decided it would be so.