One thing that I know about the Bible is that it demands many things which are difficult to hear and practice.  Everyone knows this, and critics of Christianity are quick to point out all the restrictions that we face.  They wag their fingers to emphasize that all kinds of fun things are off-limits for believers and go even more aggressively at those Christians who are vocal about what the Bible teaches.

This is because “the world” operates largely outside of any moral or ethical structure, and rails against limits at every turn.  It’s important to know why that is because not thinking deeply enough before you make life decisions will have eternal repercussions. We will explore that here.

The “Fallen” World

The bible tells us that the world is the dominion of the Devil, and whether you visualize a guy with horns and trident rambling around or not, what I think you can see is the fallout from his influence. Let me list a few of the realities we face in these days:

– families ripped apart by infidelity and/or pornography

– children born out of wedlock who are then raised by one parent or, often, by neither parents

– abortions have become a near-routine procedure

– alternative relationships are celebrated (and those who disagree are labeled bigots)

– children are now encouraged to explore their gender identity before their school years even begin

Not surprisingly, the Bible has answers for each of these crises but prevailing sentiment from our secular leaders on down is that the most important thing we can do is find ways to expand the rights of people to do what they see as best.

I want to share a bible verse that speaks to times like this.

In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes. – Judges 21:25

In the period referenced in that verse, Israel is leaderless.  Joshua, who was a strong warrior and authority, has died and the first of the “judges” who will step up and provide direction has not been recognized.  Things have descended into near chaos… false idols being worshipped and sexual sin runs rampant. There is a lawlessness that leads to massive pain, suffering and disaster that the author sadly documents.

The bottom line is that the Bible’s mandates don’t have a thing to do about restricting our freedoms or happiness.  The wisdom is there because God knows what man is capable of doing to man when there’s no bigger picture.  We are self-concerned sinners, plain and simple – rudderless without God.

This should be an awakening for anyone who has spent time in the Bible. And if you haven’t, hang in there because this site will attempt to answer a lot of questions that you might not even realize you had.

We Are In This Together

These virtual pages are one man’s outpouring of love to others.  I want to convey what I understand to be biblical purity and then pull enough from God’s message that you understand how important it is and feel empowered enough to accomplish it.

You’ll find no condemnation on this site. I’m the very worst of sinners and the Bible has made it clear that judgment can’t come from humans.  We weren’t given that mandate, but what we WERE told to do is love.

Where my theology might fall short, I ask your forgiveness. I’m a man who makes many mistakes but is trying to let love guide what I do.

My prayer for you is that your families and relationships are rooted in a wisdom so strong and so complete that nothing of this world can shake it loose. The strength to to date comes from putting your faith in a God that never changes, and a Savior with nothing to sell.

Sister Site

I’ve decided to re-launch a site based on solid Christian theological observation. ¬†You’ll likely find some theology, apologetics and exegesis at Christian Word. You’ll certainly find some of my day-to-day musings about living in and apart as a Christian on this rolling ball we call Earth.