The Bible reminds us that we are sinners. It doesn’t do it to humiliate us or demean our efforts. It’s just pretty frank about what we are and are not.

Before I had a belief in God and a faith in what Christ did on the cross, I found that pretty offensive. I knew how the world measured success because I fully lived in it, and I had it by the tail.

I was a book-educated man, a top-level executive, a community leader and was loaded with wealth. I didn’t know a thing about biblical truth and so I operated on whatever internal moral code that I could cobbleĀ together, so the notionĀ of being called a sinner seemed preachy, judgmental… an affront to all the good things that I was doing.

And then I wrecked my life. There’s no sugar-coating it and there’s no one else to blame. My patchwork moral code unraveled and the mistakes I made left others in incredible pain.

If you wonder why I’d take the time to create a site like this, the short answer is that I want you to spare others the hurt that will be unleashed when you go off the rails. I’ve seen it firsthand and experienced all the nightmares and…. you don’t want to do it.

When you see the pain that you caused destabilize another person’s life, you can never truly eliminate that regret. It has been the one thing that my faith can’t heal. It is lifelong loss. We are going to learn that God is bigger than your sin and, while He’s offended by it, the blood of Jesus has already covered it. But you’re still responsible for the pain you inflict on others.

If, at the moment you are reading this you need a more tangible reason to turn from what has you ensnared, understand that the sin you are trapped in will devastate at least one other human. And after it has happened, you’re going to realize how crushing the weight of that becomes.

It’s time to fight.

My Achilles heel turned out to be pornography. I opened the door just a crack and it promptly moved in. Your undoing might be adultery or substance abuse, but the commonality is that you care more about how you feel than you do about how it is hurting (or will hurt) others in your life.

The fact that God still loves you after that will always boggle my mind, because you and I know how hard it is to keep on loving someone after the pain they cause becomes too intense. The lesson here is that we are human and God transcends all of our shortcomings.

He will watch for you. You need only cry out in repentance and have faith that your sin is forgiven. So if you struggle with anything now, the Lord is not only willing to forgive but also to help you battle your way out of it.

And you’re about to discover that people can also help. That plan is part of biblical wisdom too.